I have acted in over forty commercial, sports and investor-state arbitrations as counsel, secretary and assistant to a member of the tribunal. Representative experience includes (a full detailed list is available in the Download CV tab):



  • A European private equity entity against a multi-billion post-M&A claim for alleged fraud and breaches of warranties arising from the sale of a pharmaceutical company. Successfully reduced awarded damages by nearly 90% over the claimed amount. Belgian law applicable, English language.
  • A litigation funder in an LCIA arbitration to ensure the enforcement and validity of the funding agreement in related insolvency. English law applicable, English language.
  • (Pro-bono) a European NGO in an LCIA arbitration against an app developer in defence and counterclaim in relation to an app development agreement. Resisted an application for interim measures and a challenge to the arbitrator before both the LCIA and the English Commercial Court. English law applicable, English language.
  • A European industrial company in an ICC arbitration against a European equipment manufacturer for gross negligence in the construction of a manufacturing plant. Spanish law applicable, Spanish language.
  • A Spanish industrial company against a Northern-European equipment manufacturer in a Madrid Court of Arbitration (CAM) dispute involving claim and counterclaims in relation to the performance of an EPC contract for the construction of a renewable energy production plant. Spanish law applicable, Spanish language.
  • A large Spanish industrial company in an insurance claim before the Spanish Court of Arbitration (CEA) against a Spanish insurer in relation to the loss of €40M in grants as a consequence of Sequestration measures adopted by the Congress of the United States in 2013. Successfully defended the favourable award against set-aside proceedings. Spanish and US (NY and Federal) law applicable, Spanish language. 
  • A European industrial company in an arbitration before the Civil and Mercantile Court of Madrid (CIMA) against an East Asian company in relation to a contract for the sale of patents and the application of related non-compete agreements. Spanish law applicable, Spanish language.


  • A European investor in an ICSID arbitration against an Eastern European State for breaches of a BIT in relation to an investment in the financial services sector. English language.
  • A Spanish utilities company in an UNCITRAL claim for expropriation of its assets in Bolivia. Spanish language.


  • An Olympic Athlete before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS) ad-hoc committee for the 2012 London Olympic Games in an appeal against their Federation’s decision to exclude them from the Olympic team. The appeal and favourable decision were achieved in less than 48 hours. Olympic Charter applicable, English language.


  • A Spanish arbitrator against claims for liability, following the annulment of an award.



  • An ICC arbitration between a European company and an African state and various state entities in relation to the failed construction of transport infrastructures. English language.
  • An ICC arbitration between a European joint venture and an Eastern European public entity in relation to the construction of water distribution infrastructure. English language.
  • A CAM arbitration between four Spanish construction groups over a joint venture for the financing and construction of road infrastructure and the sell-out provisions of the agreement. Spanish language.
  • A CAM arbitration between a Spanish industrial manufacturer and a European equipment supplier in relation to the supply and construction of a plant for the production of steel beams. Spanish language.
  • An ad-hoc arbitration seated in Spain between a Spanish company and a European insurer, regarding a civil liability insurance policy and its application to securities fraud in the United States. Spanish language.


  • A TAS-CAS arbitration related to the internal governance of a National Olympic Committee. English language.
  • A TAS-CAS arbitration on the interpretation of the Rio 2016 qualifying criteria for an Olympic sport, with more than a dozen participating entities. English language.
  • Four consolidated TAS-CAS arbitrations between various players and an Eastern European football club regarding claims of contractual stability and breach of contract. English language.
  • A consolidated TAS-CAS arbitration between various parties and national and international federations, including claims and counterclaims, in relation to the contractual stability clause in a football player’s employment contract and their transfer from Brazil to a European club. English language.



  • A consolidated ICC arbitration between two Argentinian companies, including claim and counterclaim, arising from a sale-of-gas agreement for industrial purposes. Spanish language.
  • A AAA-ICDR arbitration between a major US car manufacturer and a regional distributor, in relation to the application of an exclusive distributorship agreement. English language.
  • A CAM arbitration between an English insurer and a Spanish bank in relation to a banc-assurance agreement and its winding up following the 2010 financial crisis. Spanish language.


  • An appeal against an international federation’s decision to ban a national federation in relation to the registration and trade of underage players. English language.
  • Several related appeals against numerous disciplinary measures taken against a high executive of an international sporting federation. English language.
  • An ordinary proceeding and a parallel appeal in relation to the alleged breach by a state and its National Federation of a contract to hold the world championship on the sport. English language.
  • An appeal against an International Federation’s decision to impose a fine and temporal ban to trade players against a national club affiliated to it. English language.

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